Online alcohol education for senior students

Minister for Hospitality, George Souris, today launched an education resource for senior NSW high school students to promote awareness of the potential risks and dangers associated with alcohol consumption. 

He was joined at the launch at Parramatta’s Arthur Phillip High School by Mr Ralph Kelly; father of Thomas Kelly who died following an unprovoked attack in Kings Cross last year and teenager Chris Lee who lost an eye and had metal plates inserted in his face following an attack by a group of drunken youths. 

Mr Souris told senior students of Arthur Phillip High that the internet-based resource, ‘Out Tonight? Party Right’, aimed to minimise alcohol-related harm among young people by educating them about the impacts that drinking can have on themselves, their friends and their community.

Out Tonight? Party Right is a ground breaking initiative that aims to promote cultural change by encouraging senior secondary high school students to question behaviour and common-place perceptions about alcohol use,” Mr Souris said.

“High school is a time marked by opportunities to celebrate important milestones in a young person’s life. Formals, graduations and birthday celebrations are events where young people could have to make personal decisions about their use of alcohol.

Out Tonight? Party Right utilises a range of teaching resources, videos and games, combined with current examples of real-life situations, to teach young people about responsible decision-making and help them develop appropriate attitudes towards alcohol.

“High school students will be able to use Out Tonight? Party Right to arm themselves with the facts and learn how to have fun safely and responsibly while staying on the right side of the law.

“This interactive resource will give senior students the information they need to take care of themselves while meeting community expectations about alcohol.”

Mr Souris said Out Tonight? Party Right was developed by the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing in conjunction with the Department of Education and Communities to align with the NSW school curriculum.

Development of the resource was supported by a working group which included police, local liquor accords, local councils and industry including the Australian Hotels Association, Clubs NSW and the Liquor Stores Association of NSW.

Out Tonight? Party Right’s flexible, module-based design will allow teachers to utilise the resource in a way that works specifically for their class,” Mr Souris said.   

“It contains a range of lessons to increase awareness about alcohol such as binge drinking, sexual activity and alcohol, sport and alcohol, reducing risks associated with alcohol and the social and economic impacts of alcohol.

“Real-life and current examples of situations involving young people and alcohol can be used as case studies and there are online games to help teach young people about responsible decision-making in relation to partying, drinking and associated risk-taking behaviours.

“The resource also contains links to relevant videos and online resources and guides containing supporting material for teachers, presenters and parents.”

Mr Souris said the Government has enlisted the 148 local liquor accords across NSW to also help promote the resource to teachers and schools in their local communities.

“Liquor accords are voluntary industry-based partnerships that work in local communities to address alcohol-related problems so this resource will be something they can promote through their local networks including to independent schools,” Mr Souris said.

Explore the Out Tonight? Party Right program at

Out Tonight? Party Right  was designed to be compatible with the NSW Department of Education and Communities’ Crossroads program.

Mr Souris was joined at the launch Arthur Phillip High School Principal Ms Lynne Goodwin; head teacher, welfare, Ms Carly Barton; local MP’s Geoff Lee (Parramatta), Tony Issa (Granville), Dominic Perrotet (Castle Hill); as well as Ralph Kelly and Chris Lee.

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