About us

Launched as ‘Pakistan Tribune’ on the Golden Jubilee (50th Independence Day celebrations) of Pakistan in 1997 from Sydney, it was relaunched as ‘Tribune International (Australia) in 1998.

Tribune International is the first multicultural English Australian newspaper, carrying a slogan ‘Voice of Multicultural Australia’. It has been serving Australian ethnic, local, and international readers for the last 22 years through its interesting stories.

In 2015 Tribune International was among the finalist of Premier’s ‘Best Online Publication of the Year’. In 2003 we received Best Spot Journalism award from Victory News.

Tribune International (Australia) online releases news stories (ethnic, local, and international) as and when happened. It is updated by local office based in Sydney and bureau offices in overseas.

Tribune’s experienced journalists and media analysts who carry the international reputation regularly update Tribune with the latest stories through their news-making process and from various local and international news sources. Tribune has intellectuals, political analysts and politicians, local and international, on their panel who contribute regularly.

In the last 22 years, Tribune has covered over 5,000 top international and 10,000 distinctive local stories on hot issues from border security, immigration to education, technology, health, and sports. It has covered over 500 interviews of top national and international personalities. Tribune has covered special events and published special editions; a notable example was Tribune’s special magazine on Sydney Olympics that received vast publicity during the Olympic Games in 2000, the special publication (Tabloid) on Australia Day.

Unlike many advertisement materials, Tribune International contains real journalism and informative news content. Please visit www.tribune-intl.com as the newspaper explains itself about its contents and quality.