IFDNP Launched Organizational Structure and Website

Sydney (Press Release): The matters related to dual national Pakistanis may not be considered so crucial, at this time, due to the fact that the constitutional amendments victimizing dual nationals have been there for ages but brought again into public through recent political activities in Pakistan. Now, the dual national Pakistanis are cautious and worried from their future and the future of their children in Pakistan.


The matter was taken seriously by Syed Atiq ul Hassan, a Sydney-based dual national Pakistani who is a community leader, social worker and international journalist along with some other active Pakistanis. An international campaign through social media initiated, and a forum was held where a resolution was drawn to make continuous awareness through media on dual national issues and to organise and run campaigns in order to protect the rights of dual nationals in Pakistan.

It is to be announced with pleasure that with the consultations and valuable suggestions received a formal organizational structured of ‘International Forum of Dual National Pakistanis (IFDNP)’ has been established. A website of IFDNP has been launched which contains all necessary information on the organisation including membership form and the organisation is ready to function in the best interest of all the dual national Pakistanis living different parts of the world.

Dual National Pakistanis are very talented, organised and professionals; they are very much capable of unite on their genuine demands and fight for their rights’ says Mr. Hassan – the organiser of the IFDNP. He said that as a formal body has been established this is the responsibility of every dual national Pakistani to support and be a part of this organisation so that constant pressure can be built on Pakistani government to treat dual national with equality and fairness. Mr. Hassan also announced that as it has been shown in the aims & objectives, IFDNP not only campaign for the genuine demands of dual nationals but also work to share the rich talent, skills and experience of dual national Pakistanis living across the globe. The IFDNP will organise events of talent and ideas sharing for the mutual interests of dual national Pakistanis and also to provide these rich resources to Pakistan.

It is to be advised to all dual national Pakistanis living in different countries that please visit www.ifdnp.com read the details available and provide your valuable suggestions to make IFDNP more effective and also fill-in membership form and submit in order to be a part of IFDNP.

Further inquiries on IFDNP can be made by contacting Syed Atiq ul Hassan on +61 412881597 or email syed@ifdnp.com or info@ifdnp.com .

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