Decision-making forces may delay elections in Pakistan

The decision-making forces in the country are considering postponement of general election, it is learnt.

Sources privy to these circles claimed that the elections could be delayed for up to two years. They claimed that the proposed postponement will be within the constitutional parameters. The knowledgeable political figures disclosed that forces that would be looking for a constitutional delay as opposed to something extra-constitutional that involves military intervention.

General elections are due to be held early next year. After the completion of term of the present political set-up, it would be replaced by a caretaker governments in centre and provinces with a mandate to supervise elections within the stipulated period provided in the constitution.

Sources disclosed that Dubai has become the latest hub for the consultations in this regard among various stakeholders weighing various emerging scenarios in the wake of future elections.

Last week, Nawaz Sharif on his return from UAE warned the government against any delay in elections. His concerns in this regard were though based on a report of Special Branch, hinting at a possible postponement of elections for even an indefinite period.

On the other hand, advent of Tahir-ul-Qadri has given a new twist to the politics of the country. After his historic address at Minar-i-Pakistan, he emerged as a leading voice against elections.

He claimed that any delay in the elections to meet any constitutional requirement was not something unconstitutional.
The political analysts foresee Dr. Qadri to continue occupying central stage in the country’s politics in coming days, pleading to judiciary, military and general public every now and then as to why he feels elections in the present circumstances would be against the grain of constitution.

It is not clear as yet why postponement is minds of decision-makers when the political leadership is fully poised to take part in the polls.

According to a political analyst, some election-related issues as being dictated by the judiciary, deteriorating law and order situation and complex regional situation calls for stability in Pakistan.

There could be the reasons for postponement. Dr.Qadri’s suggestion for election postponement has come under fire from all the major political parties, suggesting that any attempt at delaying the polls would not be acceptable to the political leadership.

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