Across Australia, an increasing number of children are experiencing learning issues as a result of post-COVID school closures and a rise in the occurrence of learning difficulties.

According to Michael Black, founder and CEO of Success Tutoring, the number of parents seeking tutoring support for their children is on the rise.

“The biggest question we get is, how old should my child be before we start providing tutoring assistance.   The answer is, there is no set age, the decision to provide a child with tutoring support should be based on the needs of the child, regardless of their age.”

“Every child is different and has different experiences and learning needs.

Black is spearheading the growth of one of the country’s leading franchise tutoring businesses, Success Tutoring, and he is seeing an increase in the number of younger children needing tutoring support.

He explained that many children undertaking tutoring with Success Tutoring start around the age of ten however he is seeing an increase in the number of younger children coming in from as young as five.

Benefits of starting tutoring for younger children.

Early intervention

“Identifying and addressing learning difficulties early can prevent them from becoming more significant challenges later on. Tutoring can provide targeted support to help children overcome early academic hurdles,” Black said.

“Many children start tutoring around the age of ten years of age as this is the time when they are nearing completion of primary school and getting ready to move into high school.   Making the leap into high school can be quite a big jump for many children which is whey parents often like to support their children during this transition with additional customised learning.”

Improved confidence

“Success in learning can boost a child’s confidence and motivation. Early tutoring can help children build a strong foundation in key subjects, leading to greater self-assurance in their academic abilities,” Black said.

“This helps to build a child’s self confidence which in turn helps to improve their love and enjoyment of learning.   We know that children who enjoy learning from a young age tend to do well at school and excel in other aspects of their life as well.”

Individualised attention

“Tutoring sessions are typically tailored to the child’s specific needs, allowing for personalised instruction and focused attention on areas where the child may be struggling,” Black said.

“This helps to support the child to strengthen key areas of learning providing an important foundation for continued learning and academic success.”

Enhanced learning skills

“Tutoring can help children develop essential learning skills such as study habits, time management, and critical thinking from a young age, setting them up for academic success in the future,” Black said.

“Learning core skills provides children with the ability to build on their learning with confidence.”

Early mastery of concepts

“Getting a head start on mastering fundamental concepts in subjects like reading, writing, and math can give children an academic advantage as they progress through school,” Black added.

Cultivation of a positive attitude towards learning

“Regular engagement with a tutor can foster a positive attitude towards learning, making it an enjoyable and rewarding experience for children from an early age,” Black said.

Preparation for academic transitions

“Tutoring can help children prepare for transitions such as starting primary school or high school,  moving to a new grade level, or tackling more advanced coursework as they progress through school,” Black continued.

“Overall, starting tutoring young can lay a strong foundation for academic success and instill a lifelong love of learning.”

About Success Tutoring

Founded by Michael Black in 2017, Success Tutoring is Australia’s fastest growing education centre with ten locations and a further 80 cites planned by 2026. The company offers weekly tutoring sessions in English and Maths for students aged five to 17, with a school readiness program for kids even younger, and selective school exam preparation tutoring also available. The Success Model not only empowers students to work at their own pace towards progress but also finds success in the social aspect of students coming together and working as a community of students to find motivation, inspiration and a lifelong love of learning.



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