Robot Police in Duabi

Dubai to get Robot Police force by May 2017

Dubai officers also hope to have the first robot-only police station by 2030 Some of the world’s first robotic police officers are expected to hit the streets of Dubai in May 2018.... Read more »

Where will robots take over the most jobs?

The rise of robots and AI in the workplace seems almost inevitable at the moment. But if machines are capable of doing almost any work humans can do, what will humans do?... Read more »
The 19th annual competition will bring together thousands of contestants from more than 47 different countries and regions to China. Photo: DU YU/XINHUA PRESS/CORBIS

RoboCup 2015 robot football competition kicks off in China

RoboCup – the World Cup for robots is being held in China In China this weekend, tiny robots of all shapes and sizes took to the field in the 19th annual competition,... Read more »
World’s first robotic arms can make up to 2000 meals from an ever-expanding menu of recipes.

World’s first robot chef cooks for attendees at CES 2015 in Shanghai

Visitors to the inaugural Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Asia in Shanghai were cooked food by a robotic kitchen, the first of its kind according to its creators. Designed by London-based Moley Robotics,... Read more »

Pakistani Project among 10 at NASA International Space Apps Challenge 2015

One Pakistani project, RemoReboCon or #RRC, is in the top 10 amongst 949 projects from across the world, with the possibility of having a Pakistani app operating in space in the near... Read more »

Robear, a Japanese nursing robot with the face of a bear

Robear robot care bear designed to serve Japan’s aging population Japan has long been looking at how it might use robots to provide care for the elderly, and with a rapidly aging... Read more »

Japan set to open world’s first Robot-staffed futuristic Hotel

From porters to room cleaners to front desk officers, all the staff members at the new Japanese hotel will be Robots A new hotel opening this summer in Japan’s Huis Ten Bosch... Read more »

Microsoft hires Robot Security Guards

Rise of the Robots Five-foot-tall, 300-pound shiny white robots are now patrolling in front of Building 1 on Microsoft’s Silicon Valley campus. Designed and manufactured by robotics company Knightscope, the presence of... Read more »