Protecting forests can mitigate the effects of worldwide climate change, indigenous leaders Tom B.K. Goldtooth of Bemjdji, Minnesota, left, and Gloria Hilda Ushiqua-Santi of the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest stress at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in LeBourget, France, Tuesday. The conference continues until next week. (Photo: AP)

Paris Climate Conference 2015: Crime against Communities

A broad alliance of leaders from communities on the frontline of the climate crisis have traveled to Paris to speak out against the proposed global climate agreement, saying that it falls far short of... Read more »
ustralia's Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull delivers his speech at the COP21, United Nations Climate Change Conference on Monday, Nov. 30, 2015.

Australia rejects fossil fuel pledge at Paris Climate Conference 2015

Australia ‘isn’t daunted by climate challenge’ but will spend $1 billion to help its Pacific neighbours build climate resilience PARIS (France) – Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says Australia will not be “daunted”... Read more »
World leaders due in Paris for major climate change conference

World leaders due in Paris for major climate change conference

Nearly 150 world leaders are expected to descend on Paris for the start of the U.N. climate change summit that starts Monday in the French capital with the aim of reaching a... Read more »
China,France agree on climate compliance checks

France and China agree checks on emissions-cutting compliance

China and France have agreed to include compliance checks in the international climate change agreement that will be negotiated in Paris in December. French President Francois Hollande who is in China to... Read more »