Social media made the Arab Spring, but couldn’t save it

The Arab Spring carried the promise that social media and the Internet were going to unleash a new wave of positive social change. But the past five years have shown that liberty isn’t the... Read more »

Arab leaders and insanity of sectarian warfare

By Dr. Mahboob A. Khawaja Wars kill human beings and destroy human habitats. But the Western warmongers flag it as a positive development for change and economic necessity. Its net result is... Read more »

Is Arab League summit beginning of a new era in diplomacy?

The Arab Summit, held recently at Sharm El-Sheikh, can be the beginning of a new phase in joint Arab action and the credibility of Arab countries if decisions are translated into reality.... Read more »

The interest of ‘only democracy in Middle East’ to block democracy in the region

by Nasim Ahmed The so-called ‘Arab Spring’ has certainly reinforced the perception that the Middle East is a hotbed of intractable conflicts. Israel has never ceased to use this stereotype to its... Read more »