PlayMining to Begin Development of New Web3 User-Producer IP Co-Creation Project ‘SOUL Fusers’

Creating a new world where monsters called “SOULs” reside with decentralized user communities

SINGAPORE, Sept. 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Singapore-based global GameFi company Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd. (DEA), known for its leading GameFi platform PlayMining is pleased to announce the development of “SOUL Fusers”, a Web3 user-producer IP co-creation project with the aim of creating new IP in collaboration with user communities.

What is the Web3 User-Producer IP Co-Creation Project?
The Web3 IP Co-Creation Project is a project with the goal of “creating new IP together with the user communities”. “SOUL Fusers” has already started to invite users to create the original monsters or give their names in the Discord community and various other projects are scheduled to be implemented.

DEA is also planning to grant DEAPcoin as royalties to users who contribute to IP icreation and game development in various ways such as coming up with original monsters. DEA will continue to explore ways to create using tokenomics together with users.

The first step in IP development! Scheduled to launch in 2023 as a new game title for “PlayMining”
SOUL Fusers is a new type of Web3 game in which players acquire monsters called SOULs that live in a different world and battle against other SOULs. A SOUL has an underlying core and when SOULs engage in combat, their cores connect and influence each other. Users can participate in the game with SOULs of various natures and even win DEAPcoin depending on the results.

DEA has been collaborating with h.a.n.d., Inc., a development partner with a proven track record of delivering numerous game titles, and PreciousAnalytics, Inc., with extensive experience in numerical analysis and economy design for game titles, to launch a new game title for “PlayMining” in 2023 as the first step in the IP development.

Characters created by user submissions
Through this project, DEA will explore ways of IP creation in Web3 era and with the aim to build a society where anyone can become a creator, and to provide “fun” and “surprise” to users all over the world through various contents.

“SOUL Fusers” Producer & Development Director, DEA Chief Game Officer: Satoshi Araragi
“‘SOUL Fusers’ is a project to explore how to create new IP in the Web3 era. Everyone has experienced the act of writing down their own ideas of characters and stories on a notepad as a child. This is a world where these ideas actually take shape and are not just fantasies in our minds, but can be shared with many people and integrated into a single IP.

“This new attempt can only be started now that blockchain technology has developed, such as the issuance of NFTs and fair royalty payments in virtual currency. And we are proud to say that this can be realized with our company, which has been developing and managing content in the blockchain x entertainment field on the front line as an established business.”

The title “SOUL Monsters” has two meanings. One aspect is the worldview where Monsters called SOULs will connect or “fuse” with other SOULs and humans. And the other meaning is that everyone’s SOUL, who participates in this project will interact together, therefore each participant is a “Fuser”.

DEA has been collaborating with numerous creators but the next goal is to realize a world where everyone can exercise their own imagination and become creators themselves. One of the characteristics of the Web3 community is that anyone can join at any time and from any point in time!

DEA hopes that everyone will have fun with this new challenge!


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