Old Habits Die Hard

By Tassawar Khan;

The aggressive policies of Indian PM Narindra Modi stay in the media lime light. A visible change is observed in the Indian Foreign Policy since the BJP superemo has occupied the hot seat. The said approach and mindset has earned Mr. Modi a comparison with Jawahar Lal Nehru. Many in India believe that Narindra Modi is ahead of the Indian founding father in various aspects like Kashmir policy, the economic / development goals and the overall administrative approach. The Indian analysts are right to an extent because surely after BJP held the reins of power in India, scores of innocent civilians were targeted on Pakistani side of the LoC. In addition, Kashmiris were subjected to coercion, torture and blackmailed by the threats of abrogation of article 370, rigorous enforcement of black laws in the valley by Indian Army and settlement of Kashmiri pandits in specific areas of the occupied valley. The expectation of the present Indian government was to somehow kill the legitimate freedom struggle of the Kashmiris in the valley and silence their voices by using coercive means but the resilient Kashmiris have bounced back with an unprecedented vigor. As far as Pakistan is concerned, India has again miscalculated the country’s resolve, commitment and metal towards Kashmir and its own security. Launching constant attacks on LoC at a time when Pak Army is engaged in fighting GWOT also shows India’s commitment towards global and regional peace on one hand and its true face on the other. No matter how good Indian policies are under BJP / Modi regime, its Kashmir and Pakistan policy has miserably failed and undone India in front of the international community.

All the Indian efforts in the occupied valley were in vain, instead they resulted in hoisting of Pakistani flags in almost all the public / political gatherings by the local population. The occupied valley is chanted by pro Pakistan and anti BJP / Indian Army / Modi slogans during demonstrations on a regular basis. To cover-up the mess, India tried to concoct stories about Azad Kashmir by flashing it as “PoK” on Indian channels and falsely propagating Pak Army’s atrocities in Azad Kashmir but right after a day the real occupied Kashmir assembly was made a wrestling ring over beef slaughter issue. Muslim members were tortured and humiliated by their extremist Hindu counterparts. Baffled by the series of unfortunate events the Indian government now decided to support the Baloch Separatist leaders like Harbyar Marri. On 4th Oct 2015, the representative of Balochistan Liberation Organization (BLO) Balaach pardili was allowed to address a public gathering in New Delhi, to read out BOL’s exiled chief’s statement. Interestingly the representative of BOL (Balaach Pardili) is not even a Baloch, he actually is an Afghani who is hired by Harbyar Marri because of his connections with the Indian government. The move to support the Baloch insurgency is a clear manifestation of Ajit Doval’s policy in which he declared all out Indian support to the separatist cause, threatening Pakistan of losing Balochistan.

No matter how innovative the BJP’s new leadership becomes, when it comes to Pakistan and Kashmir the Indian’s revert back to their old policies and dirty tactics which they applied in 1971 to disintegrate Pakistan. This shows Indian inability to reconcile with the fact that the times have changed and these obsolete tactics are not likely to work in the their favour but then again it is rightly said that old habits die hard.

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