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Lahore & Sydney (Media Release from Najmul Uloomul Ashrafiyyah foundation): We pray to Allah The Almighty to Shower on you and your family His unsurpassed Bounties and Blessing and keep you all happy and healthy. Ameen. As the whole Ummah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him, isDonate Qurban to poor preparing to welcome and celebrate the Blessing Day of Eidul Adhzha, for a huge number of less privileged and poor families this day is nothing but full of sorrow and tears. They dont have enough resources to organise the celebration for this auspicious day. There are orphans, patients, oldage, refugees, natural disaster stricken families and many more needy people who can not imagine to celebrate.

With the Grace of Allah The Almighty, The Najmul Uloomul Ashrafiyyah Foundation (and Idara Tehzibe Khawateen), Samanabad, Lahore, Pakistan (Registered No: RP/3947/I/S/07/404) has taken the opportunity to organise and distribute the Qurbani (Sacrifice) meat/Eid gift parcels to some of the families and individuals mentioned above. These Qurbani were sent to the suburb areas of Mirpur, Muzzaffar Abad (Azad Kashmir), Rajanpur Muzaffargarh & Khairpur including Waziristan and Northern areas of Pakistan as we have been doing for the last few years. In the year 2014, we have distributed the meat of 60 cows and 51 goats to these families in need. We like to increase the number of cattle to reach more families but it can only be done with your generous help and kind consideration. We are Thankful to Allah; The Almighty for choosing us for this noble cause and proud to be the participant of your sincere intention.

Our foundation is proudly running for the last 30 years, two great institutions (one for boys and one for girls) for orphans and poor students providing them Primary and High School Education with technical skills and training in different professional fields. Your generosity and kind help play a vital role to run this noble effort.

The cost of Qurban (Sacrifice) cattle will be as follow for 2015:

  1. Full Cow 2years old (or Bull) 7 parts = Pak Rs 70,000/= (A$950.00)
  2. Cow or Bull each share single = PkRs 11000/= (A$150.00)
  3. Sheep whole (male) 1year old = PkRs 15,000/= (A$210.00)
  4. Goat whole (male) 1 year old = PkRs 22000/= (A$300.00)

It is important to note that you may find cheaper prices elsewhere but they may not have the right age and good health of the animal required for sacrifice according to the Islamic ruling. Please consider these important factors.

Our contact in Australia/New Zealand and Fiji Islands is follow:


(For Brothers)  +61 423854465  Email:


+61 431259669  Email:



Cell: +92-321-4119827


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