Sydney (Media Release, Minister for Finance and Employee Relations, 17 Feb 2023); Tonight I have given my resignation as the Minister for Finance, Minister for Employee Relations and Leader

Damien Tudehope Minister for Finance and Employee Relations

of the Government in the Legislative Council to the Premier.

As outlined earlier today, my family superannuation fund was disclosed to Premier Berejiklian in 2019 as required under the Ministerial Code of Conduct. This disclosure has since been subject to continuous updating on an annual basis in accordance with the code of conduct.

When it was brought to my attention that held within my family superannuation fund are shares in the company Transurban I took action to remove them from my fund.

The legal advice from the Department of Premier and Cabinet has cleared me, advising I did not knowingly breach the Ministerial Code of Conduct.

However during the course of the day I have had the opportunity to consider my position and I value my own integrity and the integrity of the Government to be something that is not the subject of repeated political attacks.

During the eight years I have been elected as a member of parliament I have always sought to ensure that I have conducted myself, and those responsibilities that have been given to me, as something where I have acted beyond reproach.

The events of the last 24 hours have provided an unnecessary distraction for the Government at a time when the most important thing for the people of New South Wales is to be concentrating on the choice before them – an experienced Liberal and Nationals Government with a long term economic plan compared to a NSW Labor Party interested in tired and old politics.


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