Parramatta (Media Release Parramatta Council, 30 May 2023); City of Parramatta residents can pick up tips to help reduce household waste, repair their own bikes and even create hotels for frogs from everyday items in a packed calendar of events to mark World Environment Day.

World Environment Day is Monday 5 May and the City is helping raise awareness of this year’s focus on Solutions to Plastic Pollution by providing a wide choice of educational workshops over two weeks.

City of Parramatta Lord Mayor Cr Sameer Pandey said it’s an opportunity for locals to learn how to reduce their environmental impact and get the whole family involved.

“It’s incredible how much our community has already reduced its carbon footprint in the past few years – from making better choices about waste disposal to using more energy-efficient products,” Cr Pandey said.

“This year, World Environment Day is focusing on how we can reduce our plastic waste. It’s a good chance to take stock and assess how much plastic you’re using each day, how it’s disposed of and how you can reduce your plastic waste.”

To fit with the theme, PHIVE will host a special Plastic Free Home workshop on Tuesday 6 June providing plenty of useful tips to help everyone make the switch away from plastics.

Other highlights include:

  • A Bike Repair Workshop to mark World Bike Day: 11am-12pm, 3 June, Newington Community Centre
  • Waste-to-Art Workshop: 10am-12pm, 4 June, Parramatta Library at PHIVE
  • Frog Hotel Workshop: 10-11.30am, 10 June, Lake Parramatta

Away from educational workshops, Riverside Theatres is hosting a special performance of Black Sun/Blood Moon – a story about finding your voice and saving the world. Written and directed by Chris Bendall, Black Sun/Blood Moon features two intertwining stories, bringing two unlikely heroes together to reduce the impacts of climate change.

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