Ending 2021 and commencing 2022 Message

Ending 2021 and commencing 2022 by Syed Atiq ul Hassan

Syed Atiq ul Hassan

What a challenging year of 2021 for all of us due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and lockdowns. Even though many of us were unable to attend family and community events and some lost their businesses & jobs, we all shared our courage and patience in facing these difficult times.

We, as an Australian nation, behaved sensibly against Coronavirus and followed restrictions required for our safety compared to many nations in the world.

Our Federal and State Governments tried their best to look after all of us utilising their most effective resources. We should continue to appreciate Federal and State health services and social services departments.

Thanks to our health services staff, nurses, and doctors for their intense workdays. Insha’Allah we will beat the current COVID variants and bring peace to our lives.

Multicultural Australia is a growing, strong, and thriving nation. The world can see our people from diverse ethnic & religious backgrounds, including our Indigenous citizens in all walks of life and national sports.

It is my hope that the year 2022 will bring peace, a COVID-free healthy environment for all of us, and our lives will return to normal.

I wish 2022 would be a year of love, happiness, and success. Long live Australia.


Representative, Multicultural Australia

31 December 2021

Mobile; 0479 143 628

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