Aussizz Travel launch their first South Asian Tour Guide Service in Australia

Australia has become home to thousands of people belonging to the Indian-subcontinent with growing number of South Asian students, tourists and family members of residents arriving to Australian shores. As the number of visitors increase there has been a growing need among the Indian-subcontinent community for a tour guide service that would be able to cater for them by providing them a tour guide that could speak their own language, cater for their dietary needs and facilitate their needs according to their cultural requirements. Aussizz travel launched their first travel & tour bus service to Great Ocean Road in Melbourne, Victoria with the aim to expand to different cities and provide tourist services with a Hindi-tour guide and Indian food on the menu. It’s not only tourists that will benefit from the tour guide service but also local residents that would like to go on a holiday or adventure in desi style….let’s take a sneak peak from one of people that attended the tour…

A journey to Great Ocean Road, Victoria in Desi Style!

Great Company! Great Guide! Great Ocean Road – Spent the Greatest Day of My Life!

Travel Blog by Ankur

While shifting to Melbourne years ago, I had some good plans to discover the most sought-after Victorian tourist hotspots. An independent traveller from the start, I overlooked the idea of guided tours and preferred going behind the wheel when exploring the famed Great Ocean Road. That was until a friend recommended Aussizz Travels day tour through the complete stretch of 243 miles. Such a long journey through an uncomfortable bus ride and in the crowd of unknown faces – The idea was not very convincing for me!Picture1

Don’t know what clicked with my wife and on the insistence of my friend, I decided to take the chance with a sceptical mind. The overview from the tour representative created a map of attractions like pockets of rainforests, pretty fashionable towns, dramatic limestone formations and close encounters with wildlife – did all these even exist? I started wondering why these things remain unnoticed on my previous self-expeditions.

17th May, 2015 – The day arrived and we boarded our bus from Fed Square at 7 AM. The first surprise – I was among the people from the Indian subcontinent! Few Indian families and some couples from Nepal, Bhutan and Pakistan were our companions for the next few hours – the excitement started brewing. My second surprise was ready – an extremely friendly and courteous guide interacting in fluent English, Hindi and Urdu was on board with us. Soon, I was amidst the wonderful Antakshri sessions, sharing homeland stories and enjoying this memorable revisit to the multidimensional culture.

It was a stupendous tour meandering through surfer-style beaches, historical landmarks and millions years old temperate rainforests, taking short breaks at pretty coastal towns like Lorne and great lookout points. The rendezvous with the adorable koalas was definitely among the top highlights. The scintillating grand finale memory at the 12 Apostles was something I would take along till my last breath.

What kept us excited throughout was the knowledge that our guide shared at every step. Thanks to him that a long day was made absolutely fulfilling! The food was good and fuelled us for the wonderful journey.

My takeaways from the tour – First, I could spend quality time with my wife after a long time (it was a good decision to get off the driving wheel). Second, I found a new circle of friends from my own land (exchanged numbers and went out for dinner with them later). Third, this tour changed my perspective towards guided tours! Most importantly, I discovered the world’s most amazing coastal road!

Wish Aussizz Travels keeps up the good work. Highly recommended! I am looking forward to many more group tours from them, of course if they offer a lucrative deal like the one I just experienced.

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