‘Wonder Woman’ tops the box office for second week

Wonder Woman is a huge success for DC, bringing in $103.1 million in its domestic opening weekend and $57 million its second weekend in theaters. The 45-percent drop in viewers isn’t just impressively low; it’s the smallest such drop-off in modern superhero movie history.

“Wonder Woman” sold $58.5 million in tickets over the weekend in North America, according to final box-office figures Monday. Even in its second weekend, “Wonder Woman” thumped the newly released, terribly reviewed “The Mummy,” which debuted poorly with $31.7 million.

Universal’s “The Mummy” couldn’t compete with “Wonder Woman” in its second weekend. The Gal Gadot superhero film, directed by Patty Jenkins, has quickly earned $205 million domestically in two weeks.

Wonder Woman, which raked in $435 million globally so far, has shown that female-led superhero movies made well are in high demand.

The film’s performance is proof that when studios financially support female-led films like they would male-led films, they reap the benefits by reaching out to an entire demographic that has been ignored.

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