Victor Dominello launched the inaugural Multicultural March festivities

The NSW Government is inviting all of NSW to join in Multicultural March, a month-long celebration of one of the State’s greatest assets – its cultural diversity.

Hon Victor Dominello addressing to ethnic media at the Multicultural March Media Conference

Minister for Citizenship and Communities Victor Dominello launched the inaugural Multicultural March festivities in Sydney today.

“With one-quarter of our citizens born overseas and more than 200 languages spoken here, Multicultural March is a wonderful opportunity for all people across NSW to reach out, understand and appreciate our differences,” Mr Dominello said.

Multicultural March is also part of a package of reforms – the Multicultural Advantage Action Plan – to improve the social, economic and cultural wellbeing of the state’s diverse communities and shows that everyone can make a commitment to our community and economy.”

There will be a range of major public events during March that complement the dozens of activities held around the state to celebrate national Harmony Day on 21 March. Major events include the:

  • Premier’s Multicultural Media Awards on 28 February, recognising the important role ethnic media plays in our community.

    Hon Victor Dominello at the Multicultural March Ethnic Media Conference
  • Free Voices in Harmony Choral Concert on 23 March that brings together hundreds of voices from many cultural traditions outside Sydney’s St Mary’s Cathedral.
  • Premier’s Harmony Dinner on 10 April – one of the most significant events in the multicultural community – which brings together community leaders to celebrate diversity and harmony.

Close to 40 local councils across NSW will also hold events, linked to Harmony Day, throughout Multicultural March.

Activities will include concerts, community festivals, street markets, talent quests, art exhibitions, inter-faith forums, celebrations of Aboriginal culture and cross-cultural sports.

Campbelltown City Council is hosting an orientation tour of the local area for newly arrived migrants. In Newcastle, the City Council is organising a “food feast” showcasing dishes from around the world to promote diversity and encourage people to sit down and have a conversation with a person they do not know.

Editor-in-Chief, Tribune International, Syed Atiq ul Hassan talking to Hon Victor Dominello

Stepan Kerkyasharian, chairman of the Community Relations Commission, which is coordinating Multicultural March, said: “Multiculturalism must be celebrated. It is our lifeblood and it must be recognised by all.

Multicultural March is for everyone,” Mr Kerkyasharian said.

“It doesn’t matter whether your family arrived on the First Fleet; your parents arrived from China last week to complete your family reunion or; you’re a descendant of the traditional owners of the land, this is a celebration of the society we have created – where people live together in respect and acceptance of each other’s difference with a common commitment to Australia.

“I urge everyone in NSW to seize this opportunity, to participate in the activities and to shout out loud about their contribution to this great society,” Mr Kerkyasharian said.

Information on Multicultural March and Harmony Day activities is available on the website .

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