STCS acknowledges their volunteers for their noble community services in Sydney

Sydney (Tribune International, 14 June 2020, Report by Sarwat Hassan): Support Team on Coronavirus Situation (STCS) held a get together and acknowledged the volunteering services of its members through the distribution of services awards and dinner, today, at the famous Pakistani Restaurant, Lal Qila, in Surry Hills Sydney. All members, Ms. Surraya Hassan, Mr. Nasir Kamal, Ms. Sabiha Saleem, Ms. Sameera Khan, Ms. Asma Rehan, Mr. Akhtar Ali Mughal, Ms. Faiza Khan, Mr. Adeel Qawi, Mr. Imran Umar, Ms. Tamanna Saeed, Mr. Suffan Hassan, Mr. Saad Ali, Mohammad Ali Chowhan, Mrs. Ambreen Chowhan, Mr. Rana Zafar Hussain, Syed Atiq ul Hassan, Imran Umer from Crescent Relief Australia, Raja Taseer Editor-in-Chief Hum Watan Newspaper & Online Media, Mr. Aurangzeb Baig, Journalist & Correspondent Urdu Point attended the function.

Syed Atiq ul Hassan, Convener, Mr. Rana Zafar Hussain Executive Member, and Mohammad Ali Chowhan Executive Member hosted the dinner & distribution of volunteering award of this function. Other volunteers,

L-to-R: Mohammad Ali Chowhan, Syed Atiq ul Hassan and Rana Zafar Hussain

community members joined via video conferencing.

The event was commenced with the recitation of the Holy Quran by Mr. Chowhan. He briefly highlighted the details of the project, the process of fundraising, and financial assistance delivered to the International Students, where the majority of students were from Pakistan during the peak time COVID 19 crises in Sydney. Rana Zafar spoke on the importance of humanitarian work in the community with the Islamic references. Imran Umer explained the working of the Crescent Relief Australia and their humanity, social welfare projects currently running. Syed Atiq ul Hassan thanked all the members for delivering the fundraising project successfully. There were $18,000 funds collected with the assistance of Crescent Relief Australia, who raised the money from the donors and distributed it to the needy students. Mr. Hassan especially thanked the

L-to-R Sabiha Saleem Surraya Hassan and Faiza Khan

media, who supported and promoted the project and also attended the function. The STCS members will continue to work for the community and look forward to helping those in need. (More pictures will be uploaded on social media soon).

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