Shadow Minister for Police support to deploy 1000 Police against anti-lockdown protect

Sydney (Tribune International, Labor Release, 30 July 2021); NSW Shadow Minister for Police Walt Secord threw his support behind NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller’s decision to deploy up to a 1000 police officers to respond to a potential second anti-lock down protest this weekend.

“I sincerely hope that these unhinged idiots thinking about illegally protesting have a rare moment of clarity and decide to stay home,” Mr Secord said.

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“But if they come to the city with the intent of hurting hard working police officers, then I hope that when they are arrested; they are bail refused and spend a night in a cold cell before appearing in court.”

“Commissioner Fuller and the 1000 police offices have my full support,” Mr Secord said.

Mr Secord also reiterated his call for special public health orders to crackdown on rally organisers and viral social media spruikers who incite other people to attend gatherings.

NSW Labor is advocating:

  • $20,000 fines for protest organisers;
  • $11,000 fines for people sharing on social media information on the illegal rally and inciting others to illegally attend;
  • $5,500 fines for unlawful attendees – an increase from the current $1000 fines; and
  • Escalating fines for second, third and other repeat offences.


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