Services offered by the office of Consulate General of Pakistan Sydney

I am writing to inform all of you that the current team of the  consulate general of Pakistan are doing a ridiculous job in serving our community. I have a petition signed by members of our  community  who don’t want the current team in the consulates office and are crying out for help and change. But typical bureaucracy in Pakistan where the bureaucracy is often over ruled by aristocracy we feel as Australians of Pakistani origin we get a poor service and an extremely arrogant one. The trademark  stiff necked aristocracy.  We feel that Pakistan owes us oversees Pakistanis an answer and if we don’t get a fair deal as the leaders and the media have time and time pointed out that we as overseas Pakistanis are the biggest asset of Pakistan. I’m afraid the numbers do tell the story of how we are treated by this pathetic office and we are united as one to raise our voices in the media. You guys have been carefully chosen by me as your ethics and dignity is second to none and i am sure you will not disappoint us as you have a responsibility to cover our concerned and raised voices. Some of you have spoken to me in person and have taken real interest over the phone and im thankful  that what you required was a petition so  i can get coverage. Well i have that now and inshallah let us expose this pathetic bureaucracy. The only platform we have is Pakistan association of australia. The current president is mr iftikhar rana and as i have explained to some of you over the phone, hes a nice genuine and approachable man, i had a problem with the front staff at the consulates office and Rana Sb really helped me out and solved the matter,,,and for that i must congratulate him and will continue to do so even on air. He is the first Pakistani in the association who has really connected the Pakistani community with the mainstream society and due to his efforts Local Federal MPs and other dignitaries recognize us Pakistanis with real purpose and enthusiasm. I have personally seen him work day and night for our community. Well Done.   Thanks.

Kind Regards,

Sheikh Mazher Idris


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