PTI Fundraising Lunch held in Sydney

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf NSW organised a fundraising lunch in Sydney on 9th of December 2012. Programme

was organised in Abbott Park, Chester Hill. More than 350 Pakistanis living in Sydney enjoyed this memorable

cultural event, which provided a great opportunity of showing our patriotism for Pakistan. Engineer Mr. Salik Hamid

Khawaja hosted the programme that started at 1:00 pm and continued till 5:00 pm. President Muhammad Waqas Bashir, Dr. Aamir Cheema, Shahid Javed and honourable guests Dr. Mehreen Faruqi and Mr. Ejaz Khan appreciated the efforts of PTI for bringing change in Pakistan.

Himalaya Restaurant provided the very delicious food. Beautiful presentation by Umer Akhlaq and live songs

by Shahid Javed added colours to the function. However best thing was the breathtaking performance by young kids on natio

nal songs. All the audience enjoyed every segment of the programme. A 20 Kg cake was also cut at the stage having PTI flag designed on its top. Donation appeals were made by the NSW Team. Audience welcomed the appeal by donating generously for the party funds required for Elections 2013


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