PTI Australia Condemns Rigging In Pak Elections 2013, Altaf Hussain & MQM

Sydney (Report by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf NSW Australia): On 19th May 2013 Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Australia held a protest in Sydney in front of the Pakistani consulate. A large number of Pakistanis along with their families gathered to condemn the historic rigging in the general elections on 11th May 2013, Altaf Hussain’s remarks against the sovereignty of the motherland and MQM’s violence against the people of Pakistan. A strong condemnation was also issued against MQM’s brutal killing of Zehra Shahid Hussain (PTI Senior Vice President Sindh).

PTI Australia’s petition in relation to the above concerns is signed by around 1000 Pakistanis living in Australia. This petition will be submitted to the Pakistani & British High Commissions in Canberra and to the Australian government to take immediate action.

The Following are the protesters demands.

  1. Recount of votes in constituencies where there is evidence of rigging with the assistance of thumb impression verification.
  2. Re-election in Karachi under the supervision of Army.
  3. Ensuring electronic voting in next general elections schedule for 2018 for both Pakistanis living within Pakistan and abroad to eliminate the possibility of rigging.
  4. The Chief justice of Pakistan should take action against election rigging.
  5. Pakistani law enforcement agencies should protect innocent civilians from MQM’s unlawful activities.
  6. Swift action by the government of The United Kingdom against its citizen Altaf Hussain for spreading hate, violence & inciting the killing of thousands of innocent people in Pakistan.
  7. British government must take action against Altaf Hussain for the brutal murder of Zehra Hassain.
  8. Swift action by the government of Australia to declare MQM a terrorist organisation under the Australian Criminal Code Act.

Participants of this protest highly appreciated the courage of the people of Karachi to stand firm against injustice and vowed to continue their struggle under the leadership of Imran khan to build a Naya (new) Pakistan.

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