Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s message for Halal Food Expo 2015


Prime Minister Tony Abbott

‘I am pleased to provide this message for the 2015 Halal Food Expo.’

‘This special showcase is a chance for the Islamic community to share their culinary traditions.

As the global Halal food market continues to expand, events such as yours help to increase our understanding of this growing industry.’

‘The Australian Government is committed to opening up new and existing markets for exporters including in the Middle East. This is good news for the 220,000 Australians employed in food manufacturing as it creates more opportunities for Australian food manufacturers and farmers.’

‘In Australia and around the world, food is central to cultural expression. The mutual respect of different cultural and linguistic communities for each other is one of our country’s great strengths.

As Australians we have found unity in our diversity and strength in our differences.’

‘Our democracy rests on an understanding that every individual counts; and our social solidarity rests on the understanding that we should treat others as we would have them treat us.’

‘I pay tribute to the organisers and to everyone in attendance for your commitment to these aims.’

‘I wish you a successful  Expo.’


The Hon Tony Abbott MP

Prime Minister of Australia

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