Syed Atiq ul Hassan

Pakistan has a long history of military rule and political suppression, where corrupt politicians and the military establishment have ruled the country either directly or indirectly. In the last 10 months, the country has reached the brink of financial disaster due to the actions of the current government, which was installed by the military.

Any individuals who speak out against the government, including honest politicians, journalists, writers, and activists, face severe consequences. They may be abducted, tortured, disappeared, or imprisoned on false charges. Arshad Sharif, a well-known and honest journalist, was murdered by the army’s secret services in Kenya after being forced to leave Pakistan due to his reporting.

The current government, which is dominated by the military, bureaucracy, and judiciary, removed the democratically elected government of Imran Khan and his party, the Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf. Despite widespread support for Khan and his party (with 80% of the people in Pakistan supporting him), the corrupt establishment has registered over 60 fake cases against him and even attempted to kill him.

Today, Pakistan is facing numerous challenges, including bankruptcy, high inflation, and widespread poverty. The country is also grappling with lawlessness, with a lack of power, gas, and petrol. The International Monetary Fund has refused to grant further loans to the government until all of its conditions are met.

As a Sydney-based journalist, writer, and community representative, I urge Australian politicians, human rights activists, and other influential individuals to take action and help save the people of Pakistan from this unjust rule. I request that my message be forwarded to the relevant individuals and organizations to raise awareness about the situation in Pakistan and advocate for change.

Syed Atiq ul Hassan,

Sydney-based Journalist, activist, writer, and community representative,

Editor, Tribune International (Australia) –

Mobile: +61 479 143 628

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