Pakistani Australian Community Council (PACC) launches

Sydney (Tribune International, Press Release PACC, 23 July 2020): Feeling the need of the time, a new Pakistani Community Organisation, named ‘Pakistan Australian Community Council (PACC)’ has been launched.

Followed by our successful fundraising project for Pakistani students, we decided to formally launch a new community organization to deal with current and future issues of Pakistani community. There  senior community member Syed Atiq ul Hassan, active community members Rana Zafar Hussain and Ali Chowhand worked with other interested community members and able to lauch Pakistani Australian Community Council (PACC).


Pakistani Australian Community Council (PACC) Incorporated is an Australian-based registered non-profitable Pakistani community organization.

PACC is an independent organization. It is not a part of or affiliated to any political or religious local or overseas group or party.

PACC founding members, executive members, and trustees are patriotic Pakistanis who are professionals, and social-minded Pakistanis living in Australia who love to serve Pakistanis in Australia, voluntarily, through their various social and welfare community projects.


To serve the Pakistani Community in Australia indiscriminately


To provide social & welfare services to the Pakistani Community through community projects. Promote Pakistani culture, traditions, national days and build the image of Pakistanis in Australia in the multicultural Australian society

The aims and objectives of the PACC are:

  • Represent the Pakistani Community in Australia and unite Pakistani Community through social awareness, community welfare programs, and celebrating Pakistan’s national events.
  • Build harmony among the members and various groups of Pakistani communities through different activities.
  • Strengthen links between Pakistanis in Australia and Pakistani diplomatic offices, Pakistani & Australian government/private agencies, and other organizations of interest.
  • Deliver social, welfare and financial aid in an emergency situation to the community members, like Coronavirus, floods and bush fires.
  • Maintain community funding for helping community members who are in urgent needs, for example, funeral expenses or transporting the dead body to Pakistan.
  • Helping new migrants and students arrive from Pakistan.
  • Build Pakistan Center to deliver community, welfare, social & counseling services to the Pakistani Community.

Following organizational structure has been laid down for PACC:

Syed Atiq ul Hassan, Patron in Chief

Founding Members Committee

  • Syed Atiq ul Hassan
  • Rana Zafar Hussain
  • Muhammad Ali Chowhan
  • Muhammad Asif Khan


Board of Trustees                                      

  • Raja Aslam
  • Akhlaq Ahmed
  • Vacant


Executive Committee                 

  1. President Syed Atiq ul Hassan
  2. Vice President (Male) Farhan Talib
  3. Vice President (Female) Ms Surraya Hassan
  4. General Secretary Rana Zafar Hussain
  5. Treasurer Muhammad Ali Chowhan
  6. Joint Secretary Saad Ali
  7. Secretary Women Affairs Ms Sabiha Saleem
  8. Secretary Students Affairs Vacant
  9. Legal Advisor Vacant
  10. Executive Member Sabir Mirza
  11. Executive Member Vacant

There are few positions vacant which will be filled-in when appropriate & interested members of the Community found.

The website of PACC is, where further details and membership forms are available.

The Facebook page link of PACC is .

The members of the Pakistani Community, especially those who live in NSW are requested to be a member of PACC and strengthen the organization to achieve its goals for the Pakistanis in Australia.


Rana Zafar Hussain

General Secretary, PACC

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