PACC celebrates Independence Day of Pakistan

Sydney (Tribune International, 14 August 2020): The first meeting of the executive committee and trustees of Pakistani Australian Community Council (PACC) was held on the eve of 14th of August 2020 at a local Pakistani Restaurant (Lahori Dhaba). The gathering also celebrated the Independence Day of Pakistan (14 August 1947) when

Attendees at the PACC Independence Day function

Pakistan came into existence. The meeting was chaired by Syed Atiq ul Hassan (Patron in Chief and the President). The attendees were Rana Zafar Hussain (General Secretary), Ali Chowhan (Treasurer), Farhan Talib (Vice President), Surraya Hassan (Vice President), Saad Ali (Joint Secretary), Sabiha Saleem (Secretary Women Affairs), Raja Aslam (Trustee), Akhlaq Ahmed (Trustee) and Khurshid Chaudhry (Trustee). Pakistani families also joined the celebrations of the Independence Day who were present at the restaurant. The venue was decorated with Pakistani flags, balloons, Pakistan’s badges, especially women attired green & white, and chanting Pakistan Zindabad. An Independence Day cake was also cut by the executives of PACC which was brought by Surraya Hassan. A dinner was arranged by Syed Atiq ul Hassan, Rana Zafar Hussain and Ali Chowhan.

Surraya Hassan and Sabiha Saleem distributing cake

The speakers spoke on the importance of Pakistan being the only powerful Islamic State on the world’s map. They paid tribute to the millions of Muslim Martyrs who gave their lives in the struggle for Independence for the Indian Muslims – Islamic Democratic State of Pakistan.

The first joint meeting of Executive Committee and Board of Trustees was held prior to the Independence Day celebrations where

Families at Independence Day function

members showed their commitment to achieve the goals of PACC and proudly represent the Pakistani Community in the multicultural society of New South Wales.

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