‘Our economic recovery measures saved around 700,000 jobs’ says Scott Morrison

Australia has faced a series of defining challenges over the past three years.

PM Scott Morrison

Fires, floods, a pandemic, a global recession, a mouse plague, a war in Europe, economic coercion from China.

They’ve all been hard on our families, on our businesses, on our jobs, on our farmers, on our children.

But set against those difficulties Australia, and Australians, have shown what we can overcome together.

Unemployment was predicted to reach 15 per cent, but it is now just four per cent – the equal lowest level in 48 years.


Our economic recovery measures saved around 700,000 jobs.

Australia is one of a small number of countries to maintain a AAA credit rating – a global standard for economic management.

We have achieved the biggest Budget turnaround in 70 years with our plan delivering an extra $100 billion to the country’s bottom line.

Our economic growth is one of the best in the developed world – faster and stronger than the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan.

On almost any measure – fatality rates, vaccine rates, economic growth, jobs growth, or debt levels – Australia’s recovery is leading the world.

But I know our country continues to face very real challenges and many families are doing it tough.

There is still a lot of uncertainty ahead.

To build a stronger future our Government has laid out a clear plan.

Delivering more jobs and working towards unemployment below four per cent. Our plan will deliver more jobs and the lowest unemployment in nearly 50 years.

Delivering tax relief for workers and small businesses. We’re halving the tax you pay at the petrol pump for six months. And our tax plan will put more money in the pockets of 10 million Australians in the coming weeks and months, on top of our longer-term tax relief for everyone earning up to $200,000 a year.

Investing in roads, rail, water infrastructure and renewable energy technology. We have a more than $120 billion pipeline of infrastructure we’re building like Western Sydney Airport, to the Melbourne Airport Rail Link, the Inland Rail, upgrading the Bruce Highway and building Hells Gates Dam in Queensland, METRONET in Perth, the North-South Corridor in SA, the Bridgewater Bridge in Tasmania and the Middle Arm marine infrastructure in the NT.

Making record investments in health and other essential services. Our plan means we have record bulk billing rates, made Telehealth permanent, and includes listing more than 2,800 drugs on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme to make medicines more affordable for more Australians.

Investing in stronger defence, security and borders. Locking in to new partnerships like AUKUS to build the best submarines in world, develop long range hypersonic missiles and triple the size of our cyber offensive and defensive forces. Restarting the QUAD with the US, India and Japan to bring more security, stability and peace to our region.

This election provides a clear choice, with real consequences for Australia.

Our Government is not perfect. But we have been upfront. You know what we stand for, you can see our record of delivery, and you can see our plan for the future.

Our economy has a lot of moving parts and a lot of risks. But also, many opportunities.

Anthony Albanese and Labor have no economic plan. They would weaken our economy and put our recovery at risk.

Mr Albanese has never held a financial portfolio. He’s never held a national security portfolio. He’s never delivered a Budget.

Labor has a record of higher taxes. Albanese has argued for higher taxes on retirees, housing and families and inheritances.

Labor makes promises, but they can’t say how they’ll pay for them. This means two things – higher deficits and higher taxes.

Labor cannot manage money, that’s why they come after yours.

Now is not the time to risk it.

Only the Liberal and Nationals have a plan for a strong economy and a stronger future.


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