“I am pleased to join you in celebrating Pakistan’s Independence Day.

This is usually a time of gathering for Pakistani people across the world. However, the 2020 global pandemic has

PM Scott Morrison

presented challenges unlike any we have faced before.

I appreciate that celebrations this year will be different and I thank the community for its support of all our measures helping keep us all safe.

The strength of our relationships ensures we will come through this time with confidence in our future. Out of our sadness and disappointment, we’ve already seen a strong determination to work together.

Australians of Pakistani heritage have enriched our national life. The Pakistani diaspora to Australia began with the arrival of intrepid cameleers in the mid-nineteenth century. Since that time, the fabric of our multicultural society has continued to be enriched by your contributions to education; your development of social, charitable and faith-based organisations; and your enthusiastic celebration of a rich and diverse culture.

In the past decade, the number of Pakistan-born Australians has doubled. This reflects a confidence in Australia and its capacity to be a nation of opportunity.

I am proud that the friendly relations between Australia and Pakistan have endured since Pakistan achieved independence in 1947.

Today is a day to mark Pakistan’s journey over more than seven decades. Although you cannot gather to mark this national day in the ways of the past, you can celebrate together in spirit. I know that you will do so with the same optimism and resilience shown by the generations that have gone before.”


The Hon Scott Morrison MP

Prime Minister of Australia

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