IFDNP Requires Recommendations

Sydney (Press Release, Feb 27, 2013): The struggle for the equal rights of dual national Pakistanis in the Constitution of Pakistan may require long campaign & protest, as the rulers in Pakistan are not showing any serious interest on the demand of the dual national Pakistanis.

Since the induction of the unjust amendment in the Citizenship Act of the Constitution of Pakistan the dual national Pakistanis have been negligent of its impact on them as their focus have always been to help Pakistan, send money to their families & needful, promote Pakistan and its culture & ideology within and in their country of residence.

Now, as the dual-nationality issue and the dual nationals are in the limelight in Pakistani politics and dual nationals are the matter of concern for the so-called champions of holding fair elections in Pakistan, dual nationals also woke-up for their constitutional rights being the citizens of Pakistan.

I have already circulated in my previous write-ups and articles the agenda or demand of IFDNP but those will not be enough for the effective functioning of IFDNP.

To achieve our goals we need to be united under the ‘International Forum of Dual National Pakistani (IFDNP)’ and make our platform an effective organisation of dual national Pakistanis, internationally. Therefore, its foundation and organisational structure must be strong, productive and sustainable.

In this regard, I am working on finalising Goals, Organisational Structure and Execution Plan. My core objective is to make IFDNP an independent body work for the interest of the dual national Pakistanis and I would like to request the like-minded Pakistanis to send their recommendations in this regard via email on shassan@tribune-intl.com by 3rd of March 2013.


Syed Atiq ul Hassan

Convenor & Organiser, IFDNP

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