HEA Team launches its promotional campaign in Victoria

Melbourne 3 April, Tribune Report: Members of the executive committee of Halal Expo Australia, based in Sydney, led by Syed Atiq ul Hassan, Director, Halal Expo Australia visited Melbourne to meet some community leaders, halal business entrepreneurs, representatives of diplomatic mission, and local media. The committee members in Melbourne also joined the meeting.

A dinner was organised in a local restaurant at Sydney Road Coburg where planning and preparations of Halal Expo Melbourne to be held on Sunday 3rd of April 2016, were reviewed.

Ms Sarwat Hassan, event manager, welcomed the new members from Melbourne and briefed the background, aim and objectives of the Halal Expo Australia.

Syed Atiq ul Hassan, the Director, delivered a detailed presentation on the events and overviewed the long and short term goals of Halal Expo Australia.

Mr. Hassan said, Halal Expo Australia is an event which promotes food permitted under the Halal norms, Halal products & services and businesses. He said that this was sought to be achieved by bringing together under one roof, halal suppliers and manufacturers of Halal consumable products, and providers of Halal services in various fields, such as Islamic Finance, Banking, Investments, Superannuation, Pharmaceuticals, Tourism and so on. Explaining the format of the Halal Expo Mr. Hassan said that, Halal Expo is a festival-style an open family event providing fun and frolic for all the members of the family and has a variety of Halal food stalls of different Islamic ethnic restaurants, manufactures and retail suppliers of Halal products, Islamic entertainment segments, an amusement park with, rides, animal show, horse & camel rides, innovative games, sports competitions, fireworks and much more.

Answering to a question Mr. Hassan said that it is worth mentioning here that the organisation is not a part of any religious or political party or group; moreover, it is neither an agency with Halal certification nor is it an Islamic organisation. It is an independent organisation whose main goal is to organise different multicultural events which hold the interest of the people and promote friendship and harmony between people of all communities.

The marketing team of HEA 2016 has started distribution of posters, flyers and massive digital advertisements especially on social media. If you want to know about Halal Expo Australia visit www.halalexpo.com.au or like on its Facebook page; https://www.facebook.com/halalexpoaustralia/

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