Halal Expo Australia: an event that has many dynamics

by Ms. Sarwat Hassan

It is good to see that not only members of the Australian Muslim community but broader Australians are taking interest in Halal Expo Australia, and it became an addition to our multicultural characteristics as one Australian nation’ says Syed Atiq ul Hassan, the director Halal Expo Australia.

Over 20 different ethnic halal foods and 100 different halal local and international businesses in the Halal Expo Australia 2017 and 24 international speakers covering 7 sessions of International Halal Conference (IHC) 2017 is an event which Australian Muslims have never experienced before, and it doesn’t stop here collaborations with 10 international halal organizations and the participation of several Australian organizations has proven that people around the world are looking for bilateral relations with Australia in culture, religion, trade and economy.

The 3rd International Halal Expo Australia (HEA) 2017 will be held on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th of February 2017, from 10am to 8pm, at Rosehill Gardens, Sydney. 2-Day International Halal Conference (IHC) 2017 will also be a part of HEA 2017.

The prime aim of the HEA 2017 is to:

  • Create awareness of all things Halal: food, products, services and a Halal healthy lifestyle
  • Establish a network of Australian and International Halal industry players
  • Build a B2B network of Halal industry players, investors, financers, entrepreneurs, industrialists and professionals
  • Expand B2C relationships between Halal businesses & consumers in an entertaining and informative setting
  • Develop social harmony and understanding between diverse people of Islamic and non-Islamic backgrounds

As the one and only International Halal event in Australia; HEA 2017, as a largest Halal trade show, presents a fantastic opportunity for international and national Halal industry players to promote their products and services in the Australian and International Markets. HEA 2017 will be a one-stop event that will reach over thousands of people who are interested in Halal products and services.

The 2-Day IHC 2017, side-by-side will provide unique opportunity to the local and overseas Halal industry players, Halal certification bodies, Islamic leaders, interfaith dialogue pleaders, and the representatives of the Government departments to meet, speak and seek consensual resolutions on critical issues related to Halal industry in ethical, professional and harmonious relations. The Theme of the Conference will be ‘Halal as a Culture, Economy and Trade’.

For the ease of the visitors, the entry tickets are available online on HEA’s website www.halalexpo.com.au . details are being regularly updated on the website Facebook page www.facebook.com/halalexpoaustralia/ . Information can also be obtained by calling 1300 786 124 or Mobile 0412 881 597 or 0479 143 628.

All the Australian media are cordially invited to attend this mega Australian event.

[Sarwat Hassan is an event and media manager for Halal Expo Australia 2017, she has vast experience in organizing large multicultural events, her email address is event@halalexpo.com.au ]

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