Gillard Government Empowering Multicultural Communities

The Gillard Labor Government announced new measures to support Australia’s vibrant and diverse multicultural

Julia Gillard PM of Australia


The $15 million investment will empower local communities to embrace the benefits of multiculturalism and maintain cohesive and socially inclusive neighbourhoods.

These measures reaffirm the Gillard Government’s commitment to multiculturalism. They will complement the  Government’s People of Australia policy which reinforces an appreciation of the benefits our diverse communities present.

The measures include:

  • Working in partnership with the Scanlon Foundation, the Migration Council of Australia and Murdoch Childrens Research Institute to engage local coordinators in up to one hundred communities across Australia to enhance social inclusion and improve connections to support services provided by the three spheres of government;
  • A commitment to provide resources to improve infrastructure that will enhance social inclusion and create meeting places that bring together individuals and families in the community;
  • Expanding the current Diversity and Social Cohesion Program to meet significant demand in this program and provide capacity for specific investments to promote social inclusion and build resilience in particular communities at risk of social discord; and
  • Increasing resources for language translation services for Commonwealth programs to ensure that all Australians have equal access to government services and programs.

These policy measures will build on the important work that local organisations are already undertaking in their communities.  They will support people from multicultural backgrounds by strengthening community ties and providing pathways to employment, as well as training and language services.

Australia’s future will be based on participation and inclusion.  Evidence over generations demonstrates that providing a welcoming, accessible and supportive environment for migrant families when they arrive in Australia and throughout their lives leads to better social and economic outcomes in the short, medium and long term.

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