Fridge Buyback Program

The Mayor of the City of Canterbury, Cr Brian Robson, is encouraging residents to save on power bills by disposing of unwanted fridges with the Fridge Buyback Program.

“Old fridges and freezers are some of the biggest energy users in the home, costing residents an average of $300 a year to operate,” Mayor Brian Robson said.

“Their use also results in a tonne of greenhouse gases being released every year that just adds to our Climate Change problem.

“Getting rid of the old beer fridge in the garage, or the old freezer that only gets used once a year, is one of the easiest steps households can take to cut their power bills.

“Through the Fridge Buyback Program, residents not only save money on power bills, but they could receive a $35 rebate and their fridge could be collected from their door.

“The Program works with Council and has already saved Canterbury residents over $200,000 on their power bills per year and it has already helped 40,000 Canterbury and NSW residents save millions of dollars on their power.

“Every fridge removed saves about one tonne of carbon pollution each year and has the added benefit of also saving the householder money on bills.

“If all the residents in Canterbury gave up their second fridges and freezers they could save over $2.9 million every year,” the Mayor said.

Second fridges or upright freezers must be in regular use, built before 1996 and 200 litres or greater in size.

A $35 rebate is paid for collection from homes with six steps or less. Collection is free, but no rebate is paid where collection involves between 7-20 steps.

See or call 1800 708 401 to make a booking.

The Fridge Buyback Scheme works with Council and operates under the NSW Government’s Energy Savings Scheme.

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