Dream of a Home at Bahria Town Rawalpindi turned into a nightmare

Islamabad (Tribune Correspondent): Tariq Khan, who after many years of working as an IT consultant with different organisations in Australia, recently moved back to Pakistan. His plan was to first build a house for his family in Bahria Town Rawalpindi on his plot in Phase 8 and then serve his country from the PML (N) platform.  Also it’s worth mentioning that Tariq was working as an officer in the IT department of the FBR, but his services were terminated by the past government of Pervez Mushararaf in 1999.

Now his dream to have a house in Bahria Town for his family turned into a nightmare. A person who is the owner of construction firm KARSAZ Engineers and Constructors, currently engaged by the Bahria Town in the construction of Awami Villas-5, tricked him to invest with him in another project of construction of Awami Villas-3 at Bahria Town. For this purpose Tariq early in April signed an agreement with this man and hand over him Rs 1.5 Million Cash and Rs 3.0 Million of 10 Marla plot of his dream home.

Tariq later found that this man has no agreement of construction of Awami Villas-3 with Bahria Town and therefore asked him to return his money and plot. Instead of returning the plot which worth is now Rs.4.0 Million, Tariq was given Rs 145000 cash, two KARSAZ’s cheques of Rs 2.720 Million and Rs 1.635 Million respectively. When the first cheque of Rs 2.720 Million bounced because of no funds, Tariq decided to report it to police, but was threatened that by taking legal action against KARZAS, the owner of the company will declared it bankrupt and therefore he will get nothing. Now Tariq wants to get his money and plot back, but in Pakistan it’s not an easy task.

He want to share his experience of investment in the construction of Awami Villas at Bahria Town with his fellow expat Pakistanis brothers and sisters, and warned them to please be careful with your investment in such schemes, as there are so many people who will use any means to get your hard earned money and no one in Pakistan will be able to help you get your money back. Even the brand name company such as Bahria Town is helpless but the irony is still engaging such people. Tariq hope, sharing his experience will protect expat Pakistanis from such frauds and expect Bahria Town management to take necessary action against all concerned, currently engaged by Bahria Town, and involved in such frauds.

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