A new domestic violence justice strategy will be implemented across NSW to make victims safer, hold perpetrators accountable and prevent re-offending.

Attorney General Greg Smith, Police Minister Mike Gallacher and Minister for Family and Community Services Mr Pru Goward today announced the strategy, which will be adopted by frontline justice agencies working with domestic violence victims and offenders.

“A more coordinated and consistent approach to domestic violence in the criminal justice system is set to improve the police gathering of evidence, the efficiency of the court process, the support received by victims and the management of offenders,” Mr Smith said.

“Domestic violence victims in all parts of the state can expect to receive the same high quality services from the moment they report a crime until the conclusion of the justice process.”

The Domestic Violence Justice Strategy focuses on achieving six outcomes:

1. Victims’ safety is achieved immediately and risk of further violence is reduced.

2. Victims have confidence in the justice system and are empowered to participate.

3. Victims have the support they need.

4. The court process for domestic violence matters is efficient, fair and accessible.

5. Abusive behaviour is stopped and perpetrators are held to account.

6. Perpetrators change their behaviour and re-offending is reduced or eliminated.

“The strategy sets time standards and performance measures which will enable the police, the courts and other justice agencies to monitor their responses to domestic violence cases, identify any problems and improve services,” Mr Smith said.

Ms Goward said the more coordinated response to domestic violence in the criminal justice system would reduce the risk of cases falling through the cracks.

“Agencies will identify victims and their families at high risk of suffering further domestic violence and will work together to keep them safe,” Ms Goward said.

“There will also be a stronger focus on making sure domestic violence offenders complete meaningful behavioural change programs.”


Geesche Jacobsen

Media Advisor

Office of the Attorney General & Justice

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