Bikers don’t have to worry about riding in rain now

Nothing ruins a bike commute more than a rain shower.

To solve this problem, the Amsterdam-based bike design company Vanmoof designed a poncho that keeps riders dry, even in snow or a downpour. Called the Boncho, it’s like a wearable tent that repels water.

Dutch bike manufacturer Vanmoof has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a poncho that protects the wearer and their bicycle from the rain.

Boncho covers wearers heads with a hood, and features an extended front section that covers the bicycle handlebars to also keep them dry. The extra part also protects riders’ legs and feet.

The garment folds up to form a teadrop-shaped pouch that unfolds back into a poncho once unzipped. Reinforced seams are designed to help keep the cover in place while the cyclist is riding.


“The Vanmoof team is constantly seeking new ways to remove the barriers that deter people from commuting by bike, and bad weather is one of the biggest barriers of all,” said Vanmoof co-founder Ties Carlier.

“Boncho changes the game, empowering riders around the world to bike confidently and stay dry in the rain,” added Carlier, who established the company in Amsterdam in 2009 with his brother.

The brand was awarded best consumer product for its No 5 stadsfiets bike in the 2010 Dutch Design Awards.

The Boncho unfolds just like a pop-up tent. It’s made from a polyester and spandex material, with a waterproof layer inside and a water-repellent layer outside.

Designed to fit every type of bike, the poncho has two fabric strips that attach to the handlebar. Helmets fit either under or above the hood.


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