Australia to maintain current security levels after Brussels’ terrorist attack

The Australian Federal Police has increased security operations and patrols at the country’s major international airports in the wake of the deadly attack on Brussels Airport on Tuesday.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on Wednesday morning told ABC Radio the AFP had advised security levels at Australian airports were “appropriate” and had not been increased. However, it was later clarified he was referring to the overall threat level rather than specific measures at airports.

The Prime Minister has praised Australia’s border security arrangements in the wake of the attacks in Belgium, which have killed 34 people and injured more than 200.

But Mr Turnbull said he could not rule out the possibility of a future terrorist attack domestically.

“You cannot guarantee that there will be no terrorist incident,” Mr Turnbull told ABC News.

“But I can assure Australians that our security system, our border protection, our domestic security arrangements, are much stronger than they are in Europe where regrettably they allowed security to slip.”

Mr Turnbull expressed his sympathy to the Belgian community following the devastating attacks, saying there is much Australia can learn from the tragedy.

“Australians condemn these cowardly attacks in Brussels. And the people of Belgium have our thoughts and our prayers with them but above all our most resolute solidarity,” he said.

“We are utterly united, completely united in the fight against terrorism and the fight against this sort of cowardly violence.”

The prime minister said no Australians have been killed or injured in the attacks so far.

“I’ve spoken with our ambassador in Brussels this morning and so far we are not aware of any Australians being involved but it is very early days,” he said. “Brussels is a bit of an international city and there are lot of foreigners there at any time.

“The ambassador has confirmed that the embassy community are all safe and accounted for but our embassy personnel are in touch with all of the hospitals and of course the Belgium police and prosecuting authorities to find out details of any other Australians that may have been involved.”

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