Attention Ruling Powers of Pakistan!

Are you really serious about Pakistan’s integrity?

By Syed Atiq ul Hassan, Sydney Australia

Passing resolution in an assembly against a party head whose members are the sitting parliamentarians will create no stability to the state instead more fiery stories for news-makers and entertainment for the social media. Lies, exploitation, Irresponsible statements, and then blame games are the routine activities of the Pakistani political mafia, what they have given to the country and state except corruption, divisions, and further exploitation of using nations’ basic issues which are basically again created by the same politicians. How long the people of Pakistan will continue to be exploited by these thugs and how long the country can retain its integrity – this is the biggest question mark now?

No doubt, Altaf Hussain’s recent statement against Pakistan arm forces and asking Indian agency RAW for help in providing party workers weapons is an act of betrayal to the state and the nation, but is it first time any political figure emotionally abused arm forces, there are numerous examples of the past when these political thugs for their own vested interest defamed Pakistan arm forces and national security agencies. There are people even sitting in current parliament including the defence minister Khawaja Asif and even Imran Khan’s video clips are available on social media maligning the reputation of Pakistan Army. Majority of the politicians have demonstrated time and again that they have no morality and national consciences. Yet, who to blame, many of them are the production of Pakistani security agencies and the military generals when they were ruling the country.

Currently MQM and its founder Altaf Hussain is on the hit; police and rangers are running ruthless operations against them, many members of MQM arrested and in the custody of law enforcement agencies are being brought in front of the media confessing their crimes of killing, kidnapping, ransom etc. In response, Altaf Hussain is reacting madly abusing Pakistan arm forces and law enforcement agencies. Who is right and who is wrong, how much truth behind the raids, torture and arrest by the police, rangers and other agencies, only these agencies and Altaf Hussain Know, but one fact is very obvious, straight and clear, that Pakistan is being slandered in the world and the integrity of the people of Pakistan as Pakistanis is being on stake.

Unfortunately, it has been proven time and again that the current political system, parties and their leaders are incapable of running the country and maintaining the sovereignty of the state. Majority of them today are even not mentally and physically in a stable conditions yet they are crazy enough to claim that they can lead the nation and state; their only selling cards to the people are the issues of the people which are basically the outcome of their political debacle. In the current political system of Pakistan, there is no any political party which are equally popular in all parts of Pakistan and within the entire nation of Pakistan. In this situation, how any political party or leader can claim that they can unite the people of Pakistan and provide them their due rights and justice indiscriminately?

Karachi is not the only city need to be looked after by the rangers or army, the entire country is needed bloody operation against criminals and histoy-sheeters sitting in the parliament to a local police station.

In this situation, if someone likes or not, Pakistan Army is the only power which can clean the country from corrupt political mafia, corruption in the government system and criminals & terrorists ruling cities and towns today.

Therefore, if the Pakistan army is really serious about the sovereignty of the state, security and prosperity of the entire nation indiscriminately then they have to launch an operation for the security, stability and reforms in the entire country instead an operation only in Karachi by targeting a particular party and their members. And this is not something complex or unachievable, the only thing required is an openness, fairness and uncompromising national interest across the country. Here are some primacy actions and reforms required in the country without delay:

  • National Census under fair and impartial system
  • Restructuring of Country’s provincial system – the current four provinces cannot run the country in its present form. Therefore, the country should be divided in many provinces based on population according to new Census. Every population of at least 10 million should have their own separate state and an autonomous state government.
  • Each city of 4 million and above should have a status of a metropolitan city and that should have its own metropolitan police and city government with its own Judicial and administrative system.
  • Karachi is the only city reaching a population of 20 million there is no justification in today’s modern world that Karachi cannot have its own status of a Province. Therefore, Karachi should have a status of a province with its own parliament, local government with own local police, judicial system and administration system.
  • There should be ban on naming government institutes, airports, seaports etc on the name of politicians because it create divisions in the people. Political parties and their leaders are not there to have their names as the names of government properties and assets.
  • There must be ban on all political and religious parties who are running on the name of provincialism, language, and sectarianism. Pakistan was created for Muslims not for Sunni, Shia, Wahabi, etc. Therefore, these religious parties on the name of different sects must be banned.
  • Any political or religious person found guilty of disgracing nation, state, arm forces and national security agencies must be hanged through special civil courts, similarly any party found guilty of abusing the ideology of Pakistan must be banned for ever and their leaders must be banned from politics forever.

Even if only the above 7-Point agenda is implemented with fairness and honesty by Pakistan Army, the fate of the nation and the country will be bright and prosperous otherwise even the intentions and aims are good any individual act of police, rangers or military operation in any province, city, or town against any party, group or leader will be blamed by political mafia as an act of discrimination against the target party, group or individual.

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