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One of our teachers is doing PhD in Bio-Chemistry. As part of his field work, he has been contracted by Dr Samar Mubarakmand for development of coal gas in Thar, for production of electricity. The ca reserves were found to be deep in water and extraction very difficult and costly. So as a step one they have successfully managed production no water gas which can be used by industrial units for their domestic production of electricity at almost no cost!!

Later the coal gas can be used for the normal PPs. He is one of five scientists tasked with this project. And they have successfully achieved the task in less than half the time allotted.

They were then asked by Dr Saman to make a presentation to the PM – Nawaz Sharif. This is what my teacher tells me;-

They made the presentation to the PM and he praised them and said he had heard of their good work, and that we will be giving the Awam good news very soon. Thereafter he said you should stop this project and we will pay you manifold from what these people are giving you. Just say that the project cannot proceed – – -!!

My teacher says that they were briefed before the meeting that they should not ask any questions or raise objections. So they kept in stunned silence at the utterances of the PM. However one of their team a Miss Shiza spoke up and said that we are not doing this for you but for Pakistan, and you should not be talking like this  – – -. The bold girl berated  Nawaz openly, while he shrunk into his seat and did not say anything, and was looking glum!

The next morning when Miss Shiza left her home in her car, she was fired upon!!! The message was clear.

Then one of the advisers of PM sent them a message that they should abandon the project where it is. A similar project had been launched earlier which had failed. Now they will say that the second attempt by the country’s scientists has failed and now we will invite some foreign firm. In the meantime electricity will be imported from abroad (India?). If you stop this project, you will be ” weighed in notes”.

Earlier on one of PM’s advisers had visited their work site in Thar and told them to ensure the project fails and “you will be compensated heavily”

During their meeting with the PM, the latter had asked them to think seriously about what the “Musheer” had talked to them!

My teacher is very upset. he says that as per their calculations the electricity could pe produced at a maximum of Rs 0.75 per unit. How much could they eat out of that??!

However the up side is that Gen Wyne, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, has sent them a message through Dr Samar to carry their work and not to worry as “they will protect you”.

I thought I should let you know what is actually going on. This is no hearsay. Its my own teacher involved and I have questioned him extensively before writing this.

Do let every one know. Do whatever we can.

Mohammed Abdul Hameed

Lahore, Pakistan

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